About us

Bob and Geraldthis was taken in Mexico about 5 years agoDavid, Bob and Mark

                           Tannis                                        Mark                                                             Six years ago, my son Mark was diagnosed with a very rare form of cancer called pseudo myxoma peritonei.  It is a mucous form of cancer which leaks out of the appendix and takes up space between all the organs in the abdominal cavity.  If caught early it can be cleared away using the sugarbaker technique.  The medical team was superb, but the cancer was very advanced.  They had to remove his large bowel, part of his small bowel, his spleen, and part of his  pancreas.  A second bout led to further surgery and the discovery that nothing more could be done.  So now he is on long term disability with a minimal income.

Last February I visited when Mark was supposed to start his chemo.  We watched a film called The Way with Martin Sheen about walking the Camino.  I’ve long thought I would like to do this as a spiritual journey and Mark said he would like to try it.  We asked his Mom, who like me is retired, and she has joined us.  His brother David would also like to join but unfortunately he has to work.   My husband, Gerald, considered coming but also has to work, his last year before retirement.

My retirement was at the end of June, and the parish I was serving gave me a purse toward the trip.  So between that and air miles, Tannis and I could afford to cover  the flights.

3 Responses to About us

  1. Barb and Gerry Benoit says:

    Wishing you, Mark and Tannis a very safe, healthy and happy journey.

  2. romi says:

    Thinking of you guys through this beautiful and trying once in a lifetime experience. Much love.

  3. liz and julian says:

    Julian and I just watched ‘The Way’ and thought about your incredible journey. I wept when I saw the pictures…it makes everything about you, Tannis and your beloved Mark so poignant and moving….We will follow your journey, pray for you and keep you all in our hearts…..with much love, and please give Tannis a special hug,
    Liz and Julian

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