We Might Still Get the 2/3rds in the House of Bishops

The Island Parson

Logo GS 2016The General Synod of the Anglican Church of Canada will meet in July 2016 in Richmond Hill, just north of Toronto. General Synod includes all active bishops in the church, the Primate and various officers of General Synod, and lay and clergy delegates from each of the 29 dioceses, one territory, religious orders, and the military ordinariate (i.e. chaplains serving with the Canadian Armed Forces). General Synod meets once every three years, and serves as the governing body of the very decentralized confederation known as the Anglican Church of Canada. I am one of the clergy delegates from the Diocese of British Columbia (i.e. Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands) elected at the last Diocesan Synod; we’ll be sending three clergy, three laity, a youth delegate and our Bishop to Richmond Hill.

The General Synod will be considering a motion to amend the marriage canon to explicitly allow for the…

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