Last Day of Sightseeing

Tannis and I finally got to visit the Fado Museum today. It was a very moving experience. It was a series of displays with hand held audio, so we were able to hear several famous singers and musicians from the twenties to right now. It also gave some history back to the mid 19th century, and it’s impact on the arts generally. At the end of the display there was a film of several prominent singers and musicians being interviewed about what Fado is. Each in turn opened their mouth, closed it, stared off in the distance, and threw their hands in the air. So I won’t even try to explain it. It does have to do with fate, longing, love, disappointment and even despair. It was referred to as the soul of Portugal in poetry and music. One of the most beautiful lines was “even if a sparrow dies, it doesn’t mean there is no spring”. Apparently, the form of the poetry is a quatrain to begin and then four verses of ten lines enlarging on each line of the quatrain. I bought a book on the history and a couple of CDs. I am looking forward to learning more. Leo, if you are reading this, get ready for questions.

On the way to the museum we got to go by the Patriarcal cathedral of Santa Maria. Can you stand more pictures of churches?? It was a quite fine 10th century building. Apart from the National Pantheon and unadorned medieval churches, I find most of the church’s over embellished, dark, and oppressive. However, this was one of those places that felt like a prayed in place.

We walked our way back to the hostel through different areas we had not seen before, and since it was tea time, we went to a wonderful pastry shop for one last treat. I really do have to wean myself from these delicacies. Now we are packed, taxi booked for 4 am and going for dinner.

See you all back home.

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