Seeing the sights

Today we got a late start and took tram number 28 to the end of the line. It ended at the Estrella Cemetery which we decided to stop in to see. Unfortunately the interpretive center in the mortuary was closed. It is Monday and most museums and such are closed we discovered. All the crypts were above ground and most had glass doors. The interior of the crypts ranged from significant chapel settings to leftovers littering the floors. We wondered if some had paid for perpetual care while others were left to deteriorate. There were workers there who were cleaning, repairing and tending to some of them, while others had broken glass and rusted gratings.

From there we walked to the Estrella basilica and the Park across the street. The church we attended yesterday was on the other side of the park. We continued on down through Barrio Alto including several squares and plazas where people sat during the afternoon sun relaxing over drinks and pastries. We passed through the Chiado district where there are very high end shops and the ladies who lunch shopping in them. We got back to the hostel about 14:45 so David could Skype Dee Dee before she went to work. It’s wonderful to be able to see people at home.

Tannis and I took off to visit the Fado Museum and when we located it, we discovered….it’s Monday, remember? After a wonderful dinner we prepare for ourselves, we head out to take a trip on the outdoor elevator. After the ride up, we climb the circular stairs (which hang precariously on the corner of the old metal structure….not my favourite part!!) to the roof to take pictures of the city at evening. Then we cling back down the stairs and walk across the bridge past the ruins of the original cathedral to the Barrio Alto. The shell of the church has been rebuilt as a museum (but it’s Monday) beside the Center of the National Guard. We decide that the elevator trip up was the important part and walk down the busy foot traffic streets past small bars and plazas to home again.

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