Sunday Service With the Lisboa Chaplaincy

Tannis and I took a cab to church at St. George, part of the Lisboa Chaplaincy, which also includes St. Paul’s church. The building is in the midst of the English Cemetery, land given by Portugal for an English burial site in the 15th century. The Church building is a mid 19th century construction in high Victorian style. The people were very welcoming and the congregation an rich blend of nationalities. The service was an interesting mix of Prayer Book and contemporary styles using Hymns Ancient and Modern, at a very dignified tempo. They have an interregnum just now and he preached a good sermon.

After service over refreshments, I asked why it was called a chaplaincy rather than a parish. It is because the ministry began as a chaplaincy to the Queen’s representative to the Portuguese Court. There is a long standing treaty between England and Portugal going back to the 13th C. And they have been allies all along, especially in the face of Spanish incursions into Portugal. It is fascinating how much history still resonates in present day.

In the afternoon we went to an interactive presentation called the Lisbon story. It was very informative and well presented, especially the segment on the 1755 earthquake and tsunami. We ran out of time today so we will try to get to the Fado museum tomorrow. Dinner was in a little family restaurant on our street. Modest spot but very tasty food. We have a card with the address for anyone who is stopping by Lisboa.

We suddenly realize that we only have two more days here. Amazing how quickly the days have flown.

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One Response to Sunday Service With the Lisboa Chaplaincy

  1. Back on time for Synod! đŸ™‚ What a wonderful adventure/vacation/,experiece you’ve had. So nice David could join the three of you for the last part. Thank you again for all the blogs/interesting information, and amazing photos!! I feel as though I’ve shared it all with you. Safe trip home!!

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