Visiting St. George Castle

We started our sightseeing today with a visit to St. George Castle which is directly above us on the highest point of the city, the alcacova, or citadel. It was built as a fortification by the Moors in the mid 11th century. On Ocotober 25th, 1147, the first Portuguese king, Dom Alfonso Henriques, conquered Lisboa and it became a residence for royalty, the Bishop and the archives. In 1580 Portugal came under the Spanish crown and it became a military center till early 20th century. After the 1755 earthquake, there were extensive renovations obstructing older ruins and in the 19th century the entire monument area was covered with military installations. The important ruins were rediscovered during restoration work in 1938-40, and archeological work intensified in the late 20th century. Again, my apologies to those of architectural bent who could probably identify transition points in the structures, but this is the best I can offer.

It was a good day with lots of hills and stairs to climb which makes up for all the delicious pastries we have indulged in.

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