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The hotel we stayed in had the same tile mural as the one in the station and the woman at the desk was able to tell me that it represented a Lord who was charged by the king to care for the castle while the King was away at war. The castle was attacked and the lord lost the battle. When the king returned, the lord offered himself and his family as slaves to the king as an act of honour. It has become a formative story and honour is a core value for the culture.

We travelled from Oporto to Lisboa this morning, on the speedy and efficient trains, got into the hostel after some wait and David arrived about 16:00. Early to bed tonight so we can start sightseeing tomorrow.

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  1. romi says:

    LIsbon doctor and hospital information –
    (If you put it your location into ‘google maps’ and then an address of one of the places below, it should tell you how far via vehicle you are from the hospital/clinic/doc office you are in kms so that could help you narrow down where is best to go)

    Clinica Medica Internacional de Lisboa
    Clinic with a team of Anglo-Portuguese doctors, surgeons and nurses. The clinic also runs a 24 hour emergency service. At Avenida Antonio Augusto de Aguiar n 40 R/C Esq, 1015-016 Lisbon.
    Tel: 213 513 310

    Antonio J. Maia-Family Medicine
    CMIL, Av. N S do Rosario, Lote 1212, 2750-178 Cascais. T F Mobile: 919186095
    Tel: 214 826 860/
    919 186 095\

    Clinica Internacional de Saude de Cascais
    Health centre with English-speaking doctors. At Rua Joao Infante Lote 1 r/c A, Alto das Flores, Bairro do Rosario, 2750-384 Cascais.
    Tel: 214 865 946

    Drª Barbara Matos Marques
    General practitioner with consulting rooms at Rua Bartolmeu Dias, Venda Nova. Call first to arrange office and home visits by appointment.
    Tel: 938 696 610

    Jose Miguel Ribeiro-Family Medicine
    CMIL, Av. Antonio Augusto de Aguiar, 40-R/C Esq, Lisbon. Second office: Clinica CUF Cascais, Rua Fernao Lopes-Cobre, 2750-663 Cascais.
    Tel: 213 513 310/
    211 141 400

    Minnie Freudenthal-Family Medicine
    Centro Clinico do Rosario, Av. N S do Rosario, Lote 1212, 2750-178 Cascais.
    Tel: 214 826 860

    British Hospital
    Private hospital with in and out patient facilities and medical examinations. At Rua Saraiva de Carvalho 54, 1269-098 Lisbon.
    Tel: 213 943 100

    Cascais Health Centre (Estoril extension)
    Health centre open Monday to Friday 08:00-20:00. Paediatric casualty service, family planning, maternity, children’s health, other complementary health appointments at Av. Biarritz 1, 2765-200 Estoril.
    Tel: 214 659 580

    Centro Hospitalar Lisboa Ocidental EPE
    Privatised Hospital with all medical specialities appointments and internments.
    Tel: 213 000 300

    Clinica Europa
    European clinic. Address: Rua da Catembe 107, 2775-561 Carcavelos.
    Tel: 214 569 800

    Clinica Parque dos Poetas
    Private clinic for the Cascais area offering primary and speciality services, clinical analysis, imaging, day surgery, health check-ups, urgent care and a direct connection to the Hospital da Luz. Rua Coro Sto Amaro Oeiras 12, Oeiras.
    Tel: 217 104 800

    Hospital Cuf Infante Santo
    Private hospital at Travessa de Castro nº3, 1350-070, Lisbon.
    Tel: 213 926 100

    Hospital de Santa Marta EPE
    Private hospital. Address: Coracao de Jesus, Rua Sociedade Farmaceutica 21, 1150-337 Lisbon.
    Tel: 213 538 248

    Hospital Nossa Senhora do Rosario – Barreiro
    Private hospital. Address: Avenida Movimento Forcas Armadas, 2830-094 Barreiro.
    Tel: 212 147 300

    Hospital Particular de Lisboa
    Hospital with an emergency department at Avenida Luis Bivar 30, 1069-142 Lisbon.
    Tel: 213 586 200

    Hospital Pulido Valente EPE
    Hospital appointments. Address: Alameda das Linhas de Torres 117, Lumiar, 1769-001 Lisbon.
    Tel: 217 548 000

    Hospital Santa Cruz
    National health service hospital, general clinic services at Avenida Professor Reinaldo dos Santos, 2790-134 Carnaxide.
    Tel: 214 163 400

    Santa Maria Hospital
    University hospital with a 24 hour emergency service. Situated at Avenida Professor Eqas Moniz, 1649-035 Lisbon.
    Tel: 217 805 000

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