It is Sunday and we have to go to the bus station to book our tickets back to Porto. We had only planned to walk to Santiago, but Mark felt the need to see Finnesterre, the end of the earth, which some pilgrims continue to for their end. It would have been a minimum of two more days walking to get there and likely three. The bus didn’t leave till afternoon on Sunday and was three hours each way, getting us back to Santiago about 21:30. We discovered that we could hire a driver for 100 euros, only ten more than the bus would have cost, plus an extra 15 for a one hour stay. So we went, and it was so right that we did. As Mark said, it didn’t seem right to end in the city. For him nature is the vehicle of grace. He decided that he would leave the walking stick, with a pine cone still attached, he found on the trail, as an offering. When we got there, the fog was thick but we were able to get to the cliffs above the sea. We climbed part way down the rocks and Mark found a rock with a hole in it. Mary from Scotland whom we met on the way wore a rock around her neck and said it was one she found with a natural hole in it which was a sign of good luck. It was the perfect place to leave his found companion. It was a deeply touching moment and the perfect end for Mark’s Camino.

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4 Responses to Finnesterre

  1. romi says:

    Thank you so much Bob… your entries have been informative, interesting, well written and mosr of all heart warming. Got a little choked up with this one. Hope you are all doing well out there. Thinking about you all every day.

  2. MaryBeth flom says:

    Wow! This has been quite the journey for all of you Thanks for sharing – it touches our hearts and I feel we have shared in the spiritual aspects of the pilgrimage. It sounds like Mark is really in touch with his needs. bless you all.

  3. A wonderful after-journey completion. The photos are sooo beautiful – with mist all around – very mystical and stunning. Thank you again for sharing these moving and lovely moments with us. It seems you continue to be surrounded and guided in all the right ways. God is Good!

  4. David Webster says:

    Well done! Way to go Webster”s!!! I love you so much! See you soon!

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