After a rest we go out to see something of the town, and find some food. We buy fruit for the morning and search out a place where we enjoy some spicey fried pimentos, famous in this area.
The problem as always has been that restaurants do not serve the evening meal until 20:00, but we also have to be back at the Albergue before 22:00. This usually means rushing through a meal and going to bed on a full stomach.

We visit the Igrexa de Santiago, a Romanesque building tarted up over the years showing heavy Barroque influence. It is the resting place of the stone called the Pedron, reputed to be the pillar to which St James moored his boat on his missionary journey to convert Queen Lupa and her subjects. I think these people were Celts but I would have to confirm that somewhere.

We could not get into the Convento but took some pictures from the balcony, of the approach to the Albergue and a cityscape. Why is it that these places always have a steep path or multiple steps in front of them when Peregrinos are arriving dead tired?

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2 Responses to Sightseeing

  1. Gerry Bohemier says:

    “Tarted up”????? You make me laugh. Love the slant you put on things.

  2. This is the third blog I’ve received today – catch-up time, after a day and a half with none! Good to see you are moving along. Yes, interesting that people in Spain – and I guess, France, and Italy, and other European countries eat so late in the day – not like North Americans, who come out of a working class – supper at 5 mentality. Blessings as always to you 3!!

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