Long Day

Today was a long but uneventful walk. Apart from a few inclines, it was flat and steady. We ran into a little mountain mist, just enough to make it worthwhile to put covers on our packs but nothing like the soakings we took before. We left at 9:00 and even though it was about 24kms, we arrived in Caldas de Reis just before 15:00. We found the Alberge without much trouble but were not impressed. We registered and paid the fee and collapsed on bunks for a nap. It’s the closest of any of the places to a way site for refugees. It became apparent that there were going to be multiple heavy snorers and Mark needed sleep. So after some consultation, we went to an alternative place. There were a lot of other Peregrinos here as well.

Then the day took an upturn. We went to a restaurant which offered a 3 plate supper for 8 euros and fell in with Bernie from Dublin, his wife of 6 weeks Yan who was from Melanesia, Rebecca from Brazil, who was traveling with them and Anita, a retired pilot from southern California. Bernie and Yan had walked the 800km French route, then took the train to Oporto to walk the Portuguese. The conversation was broad, wide ranging and full of fun…..especially Bernie. He had surely kissed the blarney stone.

Into bed at 21:00 with a relatively easy walk tomorrow of about 18kms. G’nite till tomorrow.

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One Response to Long Day

  1. Somehow I didn’t get this blog until today, and was a little concerned since you have not missed a day so far. There was nothing all day yesterday, and still nothing this morning – and then, two blogs!! I was relieved – and happy to hear your latest accounts of The Way. Thank you as always – todays blog was lovely with references to home etc. I’ve just been reading a poem by Joyce Rupp about falling leaves and the beauty of Autumn, along with the sadness of fading summer. All of you must be feeling some excitement about how much closer you are to the end of the trek. God’s blessings as always – with angels abounding everywhere!!!

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