Prayers Answered

Finally decided to forego asking people and depend on iPad and Google. Got directions to a clinic where sympathetic staff tried to connect resources through Mark’s health card. Much phoning and form filling and checking out. Finally Mark is taken upstairs but the decision is that they cannot provide narcotics without a copy of the Canadian prescription. The woman dealing with us says that we will h ave to go to a hospital in Santiago. Another alternative is a hospital about 3km out of town, but she is not sure. Tannis asks if she can phone for us to see what is available and she goes off to do so. A few minutes later, a pharmacist comes out and asks for the bottle. More conversation between the two ladies and another man (Doctor?) then a younger man comes out who speaks perfect English and has spent time in Canada. He asks a series of questions about why Mark is short of meds and what the specifics of the make up and dosage are. Much animated conversation and eventually the young man returns to say that they will give us a prescription, but we will have to take it to a pharmacy and pay for it ourselves because they are not allowed to cover it. Oooookay! We are now having lunch waiting for the prescription to be filled.

Thanks to everyone who offered prayers, encouragement and resources. Bless you all, and bless the staff at the Clinic.

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5 Responses to Prayers Answered

  1. romi says:

    This is incredible news. Love you all and so glad things worked out. Onward and upward!! Buen Camino!!!

  2. Joy Denyer says:

    Wonderful news….Hope the rest of your walk is uneventful as far as that goes!! I look forward to reading these posts everyday and think of you, Tannis and Mark often. Take care ❤ Joy

  3. HALLELUIAH!! Thanks to the clinic angels! Many blessings as you journey on!

  4. MaryBeth Flom says:

    Great news to know that God is supplying your needs. Thanks be to God!


  5. Courtney Price says:


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