An Unplanned Day Off

Having gone for lunch and returned to the pharmacy, we found that there was not enough oxy contin in town to fill the prescription so we had to go back at 17:30. So we decided to just stay in town and find a hotel. Reviews noted the Rias Baixas to be a moderate hotel just outside the old city center. Entering the sliding glass doors onto granite stairs and glistening brass banisters, we had our doubts, and we were right. The only thing modest was the elegance. However, we were given a Peregrinos discount and indulged ourselves. Three single beds in a mid size room, lovely bath, and burnished dark wood furniture made us feel utterly spoiled…..and we were. There was a pleasant lounge outside our room which we dubbed our living room.

After a nap, we walked through old town and were fascinated by the buildings and meandering streets. One church in particular caught our attention, dedicated to the Peregrina. Inside the BVM was portrayed as a renaissance perrigrina carrying the infant Jesus. Walking past the river and the bridge we will cross tomorrow, we wandered up a side street to stop for fivesies. Tannis and Mark had wine and beer with salty snacks and I had a lovely cream cake with tea made right. Tasted wonderful. While Mark and I retrieved the meds, (about $60 Canadian as opposed to a couple of hundred at home), Tannis indulged in a long soak. After Mark and I cleaned up we went out for supper. Found a nice place but Mark hit a wall and went back to the hotel without eating.

Into bed at 22:00 for a long walk tomorrow. We had planned to half it, but with today not allowing any walk time, we hope to cover the whole distance in one day. All going well, we have three more days till we arrive in Santiago. For a day which began with so much concern and thwarted plans it turned out to be a really pleasant time.

Thanks again to everyone for their prayers and support. Blessings on you all.

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4 Responses to An Unplanned Day Off

  1. Glad to hear the meds were so much more reasonable than those of us here at home might have anitcipated. Happy, too, to hear you are enjoying some luxury! Wishing you a good day tomorrow as you draw nearer to the goal – blessings!!

  2. liz and julian says:

    we are enjoying accompanying you in thought. Tomorrow we leave on our trip and will be thinking of you. When we are in Westminister Abbey, I hope to be able to light a candle for all of you….be well our beloved friends. You are in our hearts
    Liz and Julian

  3. Christine Connelly says:

    Enjoy the rest and take your time for the journey…we are thinking of you with lots of love ❤ xxxoooo

  4. Benji Yarish says:

    Hi guys! Just started reading the blog … looks fantastic … I hope that you are enjoying all the ups and downs … I really have nothing inspirational to say other than that I will be checking the blog everyday and thinking about you guys. Have fun.

    Ps… Your looking good Tannis 🙂

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