Urgent request for prayer

Please pray that we will be led to the right resource to find a Refill for Mark’s pain prescription. Mark under estimated the pain he would encounter on the walk so he has had to take extra to keep things under control. We could not find anything yesterday and today is Sunday so nothing is open. Because the meds are narcotics, we need a doctor to write a prescription. It will need someone who is willing to refill on the basis of the remains of what Mark has and the paper work he carries. the next place we get to is Pontevedra, which is a larger center so hopefully we will find what we need.

Thank you all for your support.

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9 Responses to Urgent request for prayer

  1. will be praying at St. Mary Mag this morning – during the intercessions, and before and after.

  2. MaryBeth flom says:

    Praying for Mark that his needs will be met promptly and that all of you are aware of God’s presence and love surrounding you on your journey.

  3. romi says:

    I have been in touch with my friend that lives in Spain and I am trying to get information from him on where to go in the Pontevedra area. I found this information on line and I’m going to keep looking for more information to send you on this…
    It’ll work out… just have to be resourceful. Ask people where clinics are, doctor’s offices, hospitals… I’m sure you’ll be directed the right way and get to a doctor who will help you in no time!
    Meanwhile, here’s some info I found –

    Health care centres in Pontevedra, as well as in all Spain, offer a permanent health assistance to all the population in their corresponding zone. These services give a direct and comfortable care to the user. Spain has signed a reciprocal health assistance agreement with the rest of the countries of the European Union in order to provide health care to all the EU tourists just showing an E-111 document. This document must be done before travelling.

    AMBULATORIO VIRXE PEREGRINA DIVISION AZUL S/N. PONTEVEDRA. To make an appointment call: 986860228 – 986860602 – 986861378.
    Hospitals: The major public hospitals are in c/ Dr Loureiro Crispo (just after it ceases to be c/ Benito Corbal) in central Pontevedra and in the village of Montecelo, on the hillside to the south east of town. The best way to approach the former is from the roundabout at the top of Loureiro Crispo, where the old road to Ourense (N541) starts. The best way to approach the latter is to take the same N541 to Ourense in the opposite direction (towards Ourense) and turn right at the traffic lights in Mourente. If you go past a VW dealer on your right, you have just gone through these lights.

    Medical Emergencies: If you are an EU citizen, armed with your E111(and a photocopy) go to the health centre on the corner of the Alameda and c/ Echegaray. Take someone who speaks Spanish as no-one will speak English. Or go to one of the hospitals mentioned above. If you are not an EU citizen, take yourself and your credit card to one of the hospitals.

  4. romi says:

    Also, another thought – any chance someone can get a refill for Mark from his regular doc and ship it express to you somewhere? Just another emergency option maybe…

  5. Jacqulin says:

    Mark you’re one of the strongest people I know, keep your mind filled with pain free thoughts, White dog and Junior, a good punk rock show or an evening of unce unce; sunny days with your friends who all love you dearly and the many more that have gotten you through the pain you’ve had to deal with to date. Sending angels to your side all the way from Squamish, they’ll make it there before you know it. Love jaks.

    • Hi Bob, I would look for addicts. They would soon put you on a track which will end up in a pharmacy or a doctor’s office. Don’t go to the dealers.
      Healers know how to enter into the pain so you don’t feel it. I did that once while healing a cancer patient. FOCUS ON THE CORE OF THE PAIN. (It’s the GOD PARTICLE.) Much love Jim

  6. romi says:

    Centro Medico Asistencial Lalin
    Av Buenos Aires 110
    Lalin (Casco Urbano) 36500
    Tel: + 34 986 78 38 28

  7. romi says:

    Centro Medico Pintado
    Via Hispanidad 40
    Tel: + 34 986 41 33 00
    Sanatario Santa Rita
    Peregrina 54
    Pontevedra 36001
    Tel: + 34 985 28 60 00
    Fax: + 34 986 85 14 08

  8. Sharon Routley says:

    i pray everyday for the both of you. I will keep on.

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