A Short Day Walk

We subdivided the next stretch into two days since there is a big hill ahead. So today was only about 18 km on quite level ground. We stopped at a little Cafe about two hours out because Mark was having difficulty. He put on a new pain patch which disrupted his system. So we had a little lunch and waited for things to settle. From the cafe, there was a long walk through an industrial area given over largely to stone work. There are huge quarries of pink granIte being mined from the mountains above the town. The open face of the quarrie can be seen clearly for miles. The stone is beautiful but the view from the city is decimated. We found our way through The center of town with some helpful directions. (living in a city based on a grid makes old cities like this a little confusing!). Carolina Is staying at the Alberge and we rented a hotel room down the street. The owners are very friendly and helpful. It’s hard to get an early night when restaurants don’t open till 20:30. So…..goodnight.

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2 Responses to A Short Day Walk

  1. romi says:

    Nothing but sweet thoughts comin your way. It’s like I told Mark, courage is defined by something that seems scary or intimidating or impossible, but yet is attempted anyway. Chin up, Websters, we are all rootin for you. Every minute of every day.

  2. liz and julian says:

    I am about to watch “Say Yes to the Dress” so will have a good giggle for you. All our love and support and a special hug to Tannis

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