Our day off

Having decided to take the day off to sight see in this beautiful medieval town, we packed up and headed back across the bridge. Locals claim this to be the oldest city in Portugal though others dispute the claim. We decided to splurge and stay at the Imperio de Minho. It was a Best Western affiliate but after searching for over an hour a fellow told us it was closed but led us to another hotel nearby. However, rooms started at 150 Euros.

So we tracked down another in the Camino guidebook and glad we did. It is just across from the bridge, in a lovely old building for 35Euros for all of us. We hung the wet laundry from last night all over to dry and crashed for a nap. About 1:00 Mark and I went out for lunch while Tannis stayed snoozing. There was a huge downpour during that time but after it cleared, Mark made a dash back to the room, while I stayed to do my email on their wifi.

When I got back to the room both Mark and Tannis were zonked. So I went walking on my own…..hence the extra pictures today. Came back at four to go for tea but they slept thru to five o’clock. Had a lovely break in a pastry shop just across a little square in front of the Pension. Great fun using my translator app to figure out with the very friendly owner what things were. We asked for a translation of a pastry name and after whirring and clicking and looking confused, the translations came up with the same word. She said for us to try it and tell her what it is. It turned out to be a flaky pastry with a cinnamon sugar topping like a thin meringue. After trying five different pastries, we made a bank stop and Tannis went back to the room while Mark and I walked around to the newer part of town.

There is so much more to see, but the rest, toe bandaging, relaxing of shin splints and hip healing, were more important for us right now. It is now 20:00. We saw a nice restaurant for dinner, and then into bed and hopefully rested up for tomorrow.

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2 Responses to Our day off

  1. So good when there’s a downpour outside, and you’re not! It sounds like a good relaxing day – time for catch-up sleep, and browsing – not to mention yummy pastries. I liked the angel-dog that turned up the day before – a gift! Wishing you a good day tomorrow – with continued energy and new delights. Happy Travels – Ultreya!!

  2. Helen Kennedy says:

    This is a beautiful blog, thank you for sharing this experience with us. It was great to skype with you today. Lots of love, strength and presence be with you. xxxx

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