Heading for San Pedro de Rates

This morning I woke to the frustration that I had left the plug adaptor in Oporto. So we stopped at a service station and the gentleman didn’t know where to get one, but he was able to direct us to a cafe for our morning coffee and bun. Just down the Street was an electric shop which opened at 9:00 so we hung out till then. Went there but not open. A little multi purpose store was open next door so on the off chance…..and there is was! Unfortunately It probably weighs 4 grams instead of the 1 gram of the lost one. Weight is a major consideration!!!

Happy, we set out on the route. Stopped at one point and met a young man walking his dog who Helped us interpret the directions. There are none of the yellow arrows in Conde which mark the route. Then met another German couple who walked with us for a while, but were much faster than us. We were walking down a road and came to a fork with one side a long drive and the other a dirt road. A voice hails us from behind. It is the young man without his dog but with his bike. We had missed the turn half a block back and he caught us just in time. God had sent us an angel. He walked with us for over an hour and a half. He led us on a diversion through a vineyard and under a sheltering arbor to a fresh water spring. What a beautiful thing fresh ground cold water is! He left us only when we were on a clear marked route. I neglected to take his picture, but I wonder if a body would have shown up.

We walked over an old Roman bridge in the midst of farm fields, and there by a lovely steam was the most beautiful shade tree. The area was provided with some benches and it could not have been more welcoming…..until an elderly farmer stopped by to visit. He had worked in Canada for several years and still had a reasonable command of English. Lovely visit.

We got to San Pedro and followed the markers through town looking for the Auberge. We stopped by a little chapel, and shortly we were out of town. The directions could have been that it was a few kilometers out of town, so we kept going. We flagged down a farmer on a tractor and he said no, the Auberge was in town. So we trekked back and went to a little bar with a lot of locals. The woman behind the bar was not sure but a couple with their daughter tried to give us directions. After our not understanding, and I guess looking pretty pathetic, they offered to walk us there. Ta da! Right next to the chapel were we stopped for a moment. If I had run my hand along the wall as we walked I would have felt the cockle shell on the wall. These people were really a handsome couple both physically and spiritually, but very unassuming. Sending an Angel is one thing, but a whole family of Angels???!!!!

So we have learned again to trust that God truly does look out for us when we ask for it. Simplistic perhaps, and not an answer when things go wrong, but still true. How many years does it take re learning the same lessons for them to take? May you all be as blessed as we have been today.

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3 Responses to Heading for San Pedro de Rates

  1. Once the Soul has established a certain number of Bench Marks or experiences it is ready to move to the next level of development. You will only recognize it’s progress all along when you look back and see what you had to experienced inorder to move to the next level. Kuhn said you wake up one morning and you see the world differntly. It’s as if some one turned on a light switch.

    Keep watch for those markers! Jim

  2. Judy whitmore says:

    Dear Bob,

    Your posts have been a blessing for me. Thank you. I have a story. When Merna and I were biking in Ireland we stopped at a hostel hoping to get a private room. There were none left. Then a young couple from the Netherlands came along. They had a private room in the hostel. They gave it to us because ” of what Canada did for Holland in the 2nd world war.” They said the people in holland will never forget! Aren’t people along “the way” amazing?

    Love and prayers arising.


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