We arrived inn Oporto about 16:00 and found ourselves in old town. After several false starts, we finally found our way to the Cathedral, where we got the first stamp in our Camino passports. There was a concert going on for an international gathering of a lay organization which seemed to have something to do with sacred arts. We were impressed that they wanted to put on such a grand show to welcome us! We met another Peregrino who told us about the place he was staying. We had quite a job finding it but it is comfortable, clean and has hot showers (which I gather will be at a premium henceforth). Mark treated us to this place (which is a little more expensive than we had planned) and to dinner in the most fabulous plaza and boulevard. Tomorrow, we begin the Camino to Santiago.

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2 Responses to Porto

  1. Judy whitmore says:

    Hi Bob, You have likely finished your first day and are snug as a bug in a rug. Thinking of you as you begin the camino. Deepest prayers as you see the face of Christ in your sister and brother pilgrims. I know your face and heart will reflect Christ to those you meet.

  2. Deedee Webster says:

    Enjoy your journey!! xo’s to all of you

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