A New Day

Woke at 12:30 today. I thought my watch battery had died, but no we had actually slept 14 hours. Did more wandering through this beautiful city. The old town is amazing! We found a maze of streets filled with fascinating shops and restaurants. I found a place to get a chip for my iPad so I will be able to keep up the blog apart from wifi sites. We are all looking forward to the last week we are here when David will join us and we can really do the tourist thing.

Tomorrow we leave for Fatima. I have some anxieties about the place. It strikes me that it may be one of those over wrought commercialized places feeding on people’s spiritual needs. My longing is for the Holy Spirit to feed us with the love of God. Please Pray that we will have the grace to be aware of Jesus walking with us as we journey to Santiago.

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5 Responses to A New Day

  1. Jacqulin says:

    Don’t worry about others motives while you’re away on your journey, the strength you have between yourself, Mark and Tannis is surely enough to guide you towards everything you hope to find. Enjoy yourselves, I look forward to hearing more from you all soon.

  2. Judy whitmore says:

    Prayers arising from the deepest part of my heart.

  3. romi says:

    You’re only as duped as you allow yourselves to be. Fatima is supposed to be beautiful with its tower of the Basilica and the church of the holy trinity (which is one of the largest catholic churches in the world)… the history of apparitions can be taken with a grain of salt. I think you have all the love from each other and from God that you need between the three of you and no place can prey on those needs falsely.
    Wishing you love and peace and hopefully tons of fun on your journey heading North tomorrow.
    Love Romi and Ashley

  4. Barbara Crow says:

    Hi Tannis and Bob, Thanks for blogging about your experiences so far…keep up the good work! Last night @ St.MM, there was a service for world peace where 75 people showed up. It was inclusive, joyful & spirit-filled. We’re getting ready for Eleanor and Len’s wedding, Se. 22 and have a gift certificate for The Keg which daughter Debbie says is a favourite spot. Your name will be on the card Tannis. Garage sale is the next event for the community. Sorry you’ll miss it! Our love, prayers & blessings are with you every step of the way on the camino, Barbara & Brian XXXOOO

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