Here we are in Lisboa

After close connections sending us running through airports in Toronto and Frankfurt,all night flying and anti jet lag pills, here we are bleary eyed in Lisbon. I am again amazed at how many people speak English, so we have had not trouble finding our way around. Kind fellows have been approaching us to see if they could help us with a little plastic bag of herbs. Portugals drug laws are the most liberal in Europe offering treatment rather than jail. As a result, drug use is dropping.

We booked a room in a hostel which is an apartment with five bedrooms of various sizes. Our room has three beds and looks out over a large square with a monument. There seems to be a monument almost every second block. I keep forgetting how significant Portugal’s place was in the hey day of sea faring exploration. The room is modest but clean and comfortable with a common lounge, bathroom and kitchen with a basic breakfast available.

After a quick look around and a bite to eat, the tradition of siesta seemed like a remarkably sensible idea. However, open windows and crowds of students singing and chanting to celebrate the opening of the school year ( kind of like freshie week) we are reminded again about the differing cultural ideas around things like noise.

We will spend two days here getting our bodies used to the different time zone and then take a bus to Fatima to visit the shrine there and then on to Oporto to begin our Camino. I dearly hope we are in better shape than we are now. I don’t think I want to start my pilgrimage tired and cranky, and neither do Tannis and Mark.

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2 Responses to Here we are in Lisboa

  1. romi says:

    The jet lag will definitely get ya for a day, or so… but I figure you guys will be on track in no time! So glad to get these updates! Glad you guys made it Lisbon safe and somewhat sound! Can’t wait for more pictures and updates!

  2. Deedee Webster says:

    Glad you have arrived safe and sound! Pictures are beautiful! Rest up, we are thinking of all of you xoxoxo

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