two weeks to go

On Monday Sept 17th at this hour we should be in the air on our way to Portugal. I keep thinking about why we’re doing this. There are as many reasons as there are people to walk the Camino. Often it is looking for a grace from God. If that is it for us, then I think the grace would be a deeper sense of God’s presence and strength through Mark’s illness.
It will be important now to walk with a load most days to get the habit of loading and going every day. I’m looking forward to seeing Mark again in about 9 or 10 days.

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3 Responses to two weeks to go

  1. Just Rod says:

    Thanks or sharing the upcoming trip with us. We will be traveling with you.

    Rod and Susan

  2. Judy whitmore says:

    Hi Bob, Mark and Tannis,
    You will be in our thoughts prayers and heart

  3. Joy Denyer says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with you, Tannis and Mark as you embark on this wonderful journey together ❤

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