Getting ready

We are planning a pilgrimage on the Camino beginning in the middle of September, so right now we are gathering equipment and practicing long walks. Mark is still at home in Fernie where there are a lot of mountain trails to practice on. Tannins has been walking in the city and has gotten to about 22 Km’s at a time. Yesterday I walked about 24 kms but without a full pack….only about 10 kilos. We are learning a lot from people who have walked the Camino before. Has anyone heard of putting Vaseline on your feet to prevent blisters? Or how about using duct tape? If anyone has suggestions about how to prepare for this kind of hike I’ll be glad to hear it.

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4 Responses to Getting ready

  1. alcornka says:

    Wow! What an undertaking. I am very impressed. I hope the pre-training goes well, Bob. Good luck, my prayers and thoughts will be with you.

  2. Many blessings to all of you – wishing you a successful and meaningful adventure – with all the best of outcomes!

  3. Susan Suppes says:

    My prayers will be with you, Bob, and with Tanis and Mark, as you undertake this life-changing adventure. God go with you!
    Susan Suppes

  4. Helga & Reinhard Bartsch says:

    Hi Tannis, Mark and Bob,
    We hope that this pilgrimage will give Mark strength and courage in his healing process. He has his parents by his side and may God bless all of 3 of you!
    We wish you all the successful in your adventure.

    Helga and Reinhard Bartsch

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